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When you have existed for 50 years, you certainly have something to share and you have built a history. In the messages below, we would like to share a bit more about the history of Tramedico, about the high points and low points. All these moments together have shaped us into who we are and brought us to where we stand now.


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Jubilee party September 30, 2023

On Saturday, September 30th, we celebrated our 50th anniversary in style with colleagues, family, associates, and partners! It has become a day to remembe...

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In the anniversary year, Tramedico has given its booth and booth staff a festive makeover. By participating in congresses and meetings organized by patien...

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1973: Founding of Tramedico

Tramedico originated in 1973 as a representative of international pharmaceutical companies in the Benelux region. Mr. H.J. Beunk, alongside Mr. De Graaf, ...

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2017: Tramedico split

In 2017, the Tramico Group, which has since grown into various companies, each with his or her specialty, will be split up and both founding families will ...

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Our logos: then and now

Over the years, it remains crucial to stay current and avoid clinging to the past, preventing stagnation. Embracing change and fostering innovation are key...

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Anniversary year

On 30th September 2022, we joyfully inaugurated Tramedico's anniversary year with our colleagues. Our dynamic team comprises a total of 13 individuals, wit...

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25th anniversary

In 1998 Tramedico celebrated its 25th anniversary. This anniversary was also well celebrated at the time with anecdotes, memories and achievements. An anni...



More than 15 years ago, Tramedico created the T-Pensants. The T-Pensant, a training concept, is a platform of doctors, by doctors and for doctors. Regional...

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In 2005 Cedric officially became part of Tramedico. As a 2-year-old boy, he already walked around the building and that is how his interest in entrepreneur...

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