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Find out why you want to work with us
We have an enormous network of active Dutch medical professionals who trust us to produce medicines and medical aids and make them available to the Dutch pharmaceutical industry. We only focus on high-quality products that add value to patients and medical professionals. We have been working closely with partners from all over the world since 1973.

Why collaborate?


  1. We are a local Dutch family business. We are approachable, have short internal communication lines and are extremely professional.

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  3. As a partner of Tramedico you can use our network to learn more about the areas we specialise in.

  4. 3.

  5. If we collaborate on a product or idea, you can expect our full commitment and that we will treat it as our own.


Tramedico is a member of the Rx-Alliance. This is a partnership of independent European pharmaceutical companies, offering a platform in the regulatory, legal and medical field, to realize an optimal introduction of your product in the various local industries. Are you looking for partners in Europe to spread your innovative product? Rx-Alliance would like to hear from you. More information about Rx-Alliance can be found on