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Tramedico B.V.

Tramedico B.V. specializes in the sales and distribution of pharmaceutical products and medical devices in the Netherlands. Our focus is on gastroenterology, ophthalmology and urology. We also provide the marketing and sales of specialized niche products in cardiology, ENT and rheumatoid arthritis. With over 45 years of experience, we know the subtleties of pharmaceutical business in the Netherlands.

The communication lines within Tramedico are short. The hierarchy is flat. Decisions can be made quickly.

Passionately bringing Meaningful Innovations

Full of passion and dedication, we, the Tramedico team, are active in introducing new medicines and medical devices and developing meaningful solutions and services for the medical professional and patient in the Netherlands.

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Tramedico B.V. frequently organizes CME accredited training events for medical professionals. If you would like to learn more, please visit  specialistenportal. If you are a consumer or patient, please address any question you might have at your doctor or pharmacist.

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