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Tramedico has started 2023 with the sponsorship of both an MTB tour and the participation of Mark Thies in the World Ice Swimming Championship in Samoens, in the France Alps.


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Like last year, we sponsored Mark Thies to make his participation in the IISA 5TH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Samoens in the French Alps possible.
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The cold did not affect Mark at all, in fact he performed exceptionally well by making 5 individual starts and thereby winning a bronze medal in the 500 meters and finishing in the top 10 of the world classification at all other distances!
Bronze medal in the 500 meters!
Moreover, he managed to finish 9th with Team NL in the relay swimming in the 4x 250 meters.

Congratulations Mark on this great performance!

About the World Ice Swimming Championship: Simply put, you can speak of ice swimming when you swim in water below 5 degrees Celsius, with the only attributes besides the regular swimwear, silicone swimming cap and swimming goggles / goggles. In 2009, the International Ice Swimming Association (IISA) was founded in South Africa with the aim of promoting ice water swimming around the world.
They introduced the Ice Mile (1609.34m) as the highest achievable personal goal and in 2014 they introduced the 1 km as the longest competitive distance. The ambition of the IISA is to make ice swimming part of the Winter Olympics. The IISA has members in 73 countries and Ice Swimmers [1km+] are active in more than 43.


On 15 January last, Roparun 'Team 14 in 't uur' organized a mountain bike tour (MTB tour) to raise money for the Roparun Foundation. The route in the vicinity of Berg op Zoom consisted of two distances, namely a length of approx. 35 km and 45 km.
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The field of participants (+- 850) had an international character and there were also a number of former professional cyclists among them. Halfway through the trip, a drinks station was set up to let the participants catch their breath and replenish the reserves, such as bananas, sports drinks and broth.
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Tramedico has made a sponsor amount available for this tour to make the drink post possible. Roparun 'Team 14 in 't uur' has collected the amount of just over € 5,400 in total. This amount will entirely benefit the Roparun Foundation.
The Roparun is a relay race of more than 500 kilometers of a.o. Paris to Rotterdam (this year only in the Netherlands, but with the same distance) where participants, in a team, deliver a sporting performance in order to raise money for people with cancer.
This is also evident from Roparun's mission: "To add life to the days, where often no more days can be added to life".