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Since 1975, Tramedico has focused on medication in ophthalmology in the Netherlands. Specifically on the treatment of dry eyes, eye infections and glaucoma - also known as increased eye pressure. We focus on eye medication without preservatives because, with prolonged use, preservatives can further irritate the eye, disrupt the tear film and slow down the healing process.


Glaucoma is an eye disease that causes damage to nerve fibers and the optic nerve, leading to the loss of the visual field. The main risk factor is increased intraocular pressure, which is why Glaucoma is often referred to as “high eye pressure”.¹ Various studies have shown that preserved glaucoma medications can lead to additional complaints, such as dry eyes.² That's why we made unpreserved eye drops available for the treatment of glaucoma. These are intended to lower the eye pressure.
² J.A.P. Gomes et al. / The Ocular Surface xxx (2017) 516-543, TFOS DEWS II iatrogenic report, P. 519, 4.2.1. Incidence and prevalence
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Dry eyes

The symptoms of dry eyes occur due to localized drying of the surface of the cornea, or the eye connective tissue. This causes a dry, burning feeling, however the condition is often underestimated, causing the patient to feel misunderstood. The pain and discomfort can negatively affect the patient's work, social life and quality of life, making it vital that the symptoms are treated well.
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For medical professionals

For medical professionals, a presentation of Ocular Surface Disease is available via FTO-online. The presentation will teach you about the clinical picture, the anamnesis, diagnostics and the various treatment options. Via ApoWeb Artificial Tears you will find a specific course for pharmacy assistants. Are you interested in organizing a refresher course in ophthalmology, together with Tramedico? If so, please contact us.

For patients

If you regularly suffer from burning eyes, or feel like you have a grain of sand in your eyes, it’s possible you may be suffering from dry eyes. On the website you will find extensive information about the symptoms, possible causes and various treatments. Always contact your doctor to determine the appropriate treatment and discuss how to relieve the pain or discomfort.

AYZ assortment

Tramedico has a wide AYZ assortment for care and relief of complaints regarding dry eyes. There is no single solution that works for everyone, however AYZ wants to offer you guidance to find a solution that works best for you. AYZ eye drops are unpreserved and contain hyaluronic acid. AYZ eyelid cream has been specially developed for preventive care of dry and irritated skin on the upper and lower eyelids. You can purchase the AYZ assortment without a prescription through optometrists and pharmacies. More information:
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