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In addition to our specialties, we are also active in cardiology, ENT and rheumatoid arthritis. We offer various medicines and medical devices for these areas, while continuously innovating to find treatments in the field of the various syndromes in which we specialize.


In osteoarthritis, the cartilage in the joints is chronically and continuously broken down. It is generally assumed that wear and tear is the main cause of osteoarthritis. That’s why the disease usually occurs at a later age and/or after intensive use of the joints involved, such as in heavy-lifting professions or by top athletes. Treatment methods, such as Adant® injections, can significantly reduce pain in these cases, while also reducing complaints like stiffness and providing more freedom of movement. Click here for detailed information about Adant and Adant one. Click here for more information about using Adant in one of the treatment centers (Viecuri).


Whenever the heart does not receive enough oxygen, a pressing pain develops in the chest, which can radiate to the arms, jaw and back. The medical term for this condition is angina or heart spasm. Many patients experience an oppressive and stuffy feeling. Based on research, the doctor will determine the best treatment, however an important stage in the treatment of angina pectoris is adopting a healthy lifestyle: no smoking, plenty of exercise and a healthy diet with little salt and little saturated fat.


Middle ear infection (otitis media acuta) is an inflammation in the space directly behind the eardrum. The inflammation often starts with a cold virus that ends up in the middle ear. If the inflammation does not go away, please visit a doctor.