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G. Pohl-Boskamp GmbH & Co. KG, based in Hohenlockstedt (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany), is, like Tramedico, a family business where the fourth generation is now at the helm! Pohl Boskamp develops innovative products with a strong focus on cold products and head lice treatments. In the Netherlands, the product portfolio consists of a medical device for the treatment of Interstitial Cystitis (Bladder pain syndrome, chronic non-bacterial bladder inflammation) Gepan®Instill and a medicine for angina pectoris (condition in which the heart muscle does not receive enough oxygenated blood, which results in chest pain, among other things).
Pohl Boskamp exports to 50 different countries worldwide.
In the 80's and 90's of the last century, Tramedico and Pohl Boskamp worked together intensively in the field of marketing & sales of Pohl Boskamp's products in both the Netherlands and Belgium. For example, Nitrolingual Pump Spray and the NitroPohl range were successfully introduced during this time. In the early years of the new millennium, Pohl Boskamp set up its own branch in the Netherlands, with the result that the cooperation between the two companies focused on Belgium and logistics services for the entire Benelux.
At the beginning of 2018, the collaboration between Tramedico and Pohl Boskamp was revived and Tramedico takes care of the marketing and sales of the current product portfolio of Pohl Boskamp with full dedication.