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Eyecare foundation and ‘Dam tot Damloop’; 2023
The Eyecare Foundation (ECF) is a cause that Tramedico wholeheartedly supports. This foundation is dedicated to training healthcare providers, including ophthalmologists and optometrists, in developing countries to enhance their ability to deliver quality eye care services.
Since 2018, Tramedico has proudly served as a shirt sponsor for the Eyecare Foundation team participating in the Dam-tot-Damloop. During this event, participants raise funds for significant projects such as renovating eye clinics in Cambodia or establishing new ones in Tanzania. Tramedico actively joins the ECF team in the Dam tot Damloop each year
An image supporting the Tramedico brand
In 2023, Tramedico continues its sponsorship of the Eyecare Foundation team. As part of our commitment, Tramedico makes a fixed donation to ECF, with additional sponsorship funds dependent on the number of participants we recruit for the Damloop on 17th September. Participants are required to contribute a minimum of 75 euros (covering registration, a t-shirt, and excellent care), while Tramedico supplements this with an additional 75 euros.
We invite everyone, including you, to participate in this meaningful event. Why join the Damloop via ECF/Tramedico?
• You contribute to a worthy cause;
• Early starting time for recreational runners;
• A stylish running shirt;
• A warm and welcoming reception before and after the run.
Your participation can make a significant difference in providing vital eye care to those in need. Join us for this rewarding experience and let's make a positive impact together.