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Today, Tramedico appears vastly different from 50 years ago, yet it has retained the essence of its familiar past: an unwavering drive, passion, and determination. The entrepreneurial spirit still thrives within our organization. Over the decades, Tramedico has evolved into a significant player in the distribution of medicines, specializing in ophthalmology, MDL, and urology in the Netherlands.
Research has demonstrated the positive impact of having a dog in the office, as it reduces stress, enhances productivity, fosters inspiration, promotes colleague interactions, and decreases absenteeism. Meet our beloved Lucky, the chief happiness officer at Tramedico.
An image supporting the Tramedico brand
Lucky was originally the pet of Tramedico's founder, Mr. H.J. Beunk. After his passing, Lucky found her place within Tramedico.
While she usually enjoys relaxing in her basket, she often checks in on her human colleagues and warmly greets guests with a short but unmistakable bark. A belly rub is always appreciated, and there's always a willing colleague to take her for a walk, except when it's raining heavily, of course